The human being is at the core of our work here at Pak Oasis. Our role, fundamentally, is to help our clients provide people with clean, clear water, or to treat their waste for safe release back into the environment. Moreover, our ethos at Pak Oasis is a focus on the local, the people around us who need the provision of water, employment, education, health.
Because of this, we’re more than just a business, we see the real value in what we do and make sure that we can help protect the most vulnerable and educate the influential whenever we can.

Therefore, we pledge to try to help develop the underprivileged communities in which work to the best of our ability, and highlight their plight where possible.

Our CSR policy rotates around three core aspects:
    • Provision
    • Education
    • Communication
This means we provide the underprivileged with the necessary, we educate them about the importance of safe water practices and communicate with the wider world about the situation, enabling us to fundraise, provide and educate even further.

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Asia Office: Asia Suite #5,Nadir House, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan • Tel: +92 213 2414319 • Fax: +92 213 2418346