Wastewater Treatment

The importance of proper wastewater management cannot be underestimated. With dwindling natural water resources and rising energy costs, it is necessary to reduce, reuse and recycle this most precious commodity wherever possible. The vision of the management behind Pak Oasis is helping to conserve our finite water resources, whilst spurring economic growth, through the provision of appropriate wastewater treatment and economical recycling options.
As a pioneering operator of wastewater services, Pak Oasis’ team of highly skilled engineers tailors solutions to the needs of our clients, with an array of techniques to treat all types of wastewater and to ensure the proper discharge of the treated effluent into the environment. Furthermore, at Pak Oasis we have developed innovative solutions, to the benefit of our customer, in order to recycle wastewater sludge and extract urea for agricultural and other applications.
At Pak Oasis we design, build and operate reliable and costeffective sewage treatment plants (STPs) and effluent treatment plants (ETPs) in both urban and rural settings. We offer the following technologies:
  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)
  • Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)
  • Organica Technology
  • Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Digestion (UASB)
  • Activated Sludge

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