Operation & Maintenance


Pak Oasis is the largest water company in Asia in the field of O&M, operating and maintaining thousands of rural and urban schemes for both governmental and private clients. Our success in this field has been appreciated worldwide, and in 2012 Pak Oasis was awarded Dow’s Award for Operational Excellence.
The reason for our O&M success is that human resources are our greatest strength at Pak Oasis. When these are combined with the high level of our technological expertise, our in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process and our dedication to our clients it is unsurprising that we have the most competitive O&M costs in the industry. But these do not come at the sake of quality; we provide some of the broadest operational guarantees industry-wide. In the past three years we have experienced no equipment failure and near-zero replacement costs for either major or minor equipment, including membranes.
Pak Oasis offers the following two O&M options to our clients:
TOTAL SOLUTION MODEL whereby Pak Oasis takes over the totality of the operation and maintenance of the plant, and controls all aspects of production; that is to say technical, financial and managerial:
  • Technical supervision
  • Manpower
  • Chemicals
  • Spare Parts
  • Membrane replacement or cleaning
  • Equipment repair and/or replacement
  • Electricity
The client pays an all-inclusive fee either, monthly or per cubic meter produced (subject to a minimum off-take quantity).
REGULAR SOLUTION MODEL – whereby Pak Oasis runs and maintains the plant including the provision of:
  • Technical supervision
  • Man Power
  • Chemicals
But excluding:
  • - Spare parts
  • - Membrane replacement and cleaning
  • - Equipment repair and/or replacement
  • - Electricity
The excluded items will be priced and charged as required outside the O&M agreement.

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